Dr. Jacquie really knows how to bring an understanding of the realities experienced in a married relationship… helping you gain understanding of that person next to you… not just how they look or how you think they should be.

-John & Miranda

She can deal with the sensitive, and she can deal with the stern. Dr. Jacquie knows how to work her magic really, really well!

-Linda & Michael

Let Dr. Jacquie coach you to a better marriage.

I want to revamp the way you look at marital coaching. It shouldn’t be something that is a last resort when the marriage is on the rocks. Marriage coaching should be used as maintenance to keep your good thing great!
You get an annual physical to ensure that your body is in good health, and tune-up your vehicles to keep it running smoothly.

Why not utilize coaching to work through the conflicts that can otherwise threaten the longevity of your relationships and marriage? I offer three different types of coaching at $225 per 50 minutes:

    • Traditional Face to Face Coaching
    • Videoconference Based Coaching
    • Teleconference Based Coaching

To get started, please select the type of session below to schedule a coaching session :