The Marriage Blueprint

The Marriage Blue Print is designed to work for you if you are looking for a mate or if you are already married. If you are single and looking to find a suitable mate, this book will help you determine who is a good fit.

Relationship Keys

The Relationship Keys is a program based on 7 Key Pillars. Each pillar is expertly crafted by Dr. Jacquie, who developed these tips from over 20 years of research, education, relationship coaching, and marriage counseling.

The Trauma Treatment

Tried therapy but still feel stuck? Traditional methods often overlook deep-seated issues. Get early access to our course for real solutions.

What’s Bothering You?

“What’s Bothering You” is a course to help you find and address the pang points that are preventing you from achieving fulfillment and happiness. In this course, you will cover how to increase your satisfaction in yourself, in your relationships and in your life overall.