Value Alignment for Marital Bliss

If a couple shares a set of values, they are headed for marital bliss. However, when values are diametrically opposed, a relationship suffers. Your values system is what drives decisions and it is often based on a system that you inherited from your parents. These values are tied to specific subjects that you value honesty, […]

Be Proactive

  Be proactive, ‘Marriage Doctor’ tells couples Known as “America’s Marriage Doctor,” Jacqueline Del Rosario is emphatic about the need for couples to pay attention to their relationship. “Keep your relationship strong. Protect it from harm. Be proactive, not reactive,” Del Rosario told the Review in an interview last week. Recognized by many as the […]

7 Ways To Say I Love You

7 Ways To Say I Love You Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This holiday gives a wonderful opportunity to enhance your relationship and build lasting memories together. If you’re still trying to decide how to celebrate, I’ve listed seven ideas of things you can do to keep the fire burning.   Flowers – […]